Hello World!

I'm Laz. The Herald's top only newsroom dev.


2007 to now: I used to study industrial design, then illustration, Then I started doing concept art, Which I thought I'd do for the rest of my life. Then I joined a college paper and became the principal only designer. I redesigned the paper. I started stringing at the Herald as a graphics guy. Then layoffs. Then stringing as a web producer. Then I did little projects. Then I left to intern at Nat Geo And Seattle Times. Then they hired me.


I have no idea what I'm doing.
But for now I make digital stuff at the Herald.

1Early work / Tabletop-handlebars era

Carol Rosenberg wanted to have something where she could just roll out of bed and update an interactive graphic. Solution: A jury-rigged google doc setup using tabletop.js and handlebars.js: Guantánamo Hunger Strike tracker

Other projects like this: Heat Poll Results. Legislative Roundup. What hospitals charge.

2Early mapping projects

I discovered noticed leaflet.js. My life changed. Made a School gun incident bubble map. Then I made a point map template that runs off a google spreadsheet. Then I made a Miami Gardens gang violence map.

3Data projects

I put an interactive on the Herald homepage. We made a cool Rogues Gallery. And we translated it. A good amount of Rick Scott stuff: Jobs tracker, Jobs lost map. And the a Gitmo prisoner's gallery.

4Long Form

It all started with Billion Dollar Baby. Then we did something similar with The Land Beneath The Parks. Then things got crazy with the Rick Scott Jobs project. Then they got cleaner with Field of Dakota Dreams.



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